Track Review: Metallica- Moth Into Flame

Ok, so after some hesitation, I’m actually pretty interested in this new Metallica album coming out in November. After they released “Hardwired” about a month ago, I was sort of enthusiastic, given the short, thrashy nature of the track that seemed far removed from the needlessly long-winded songs of St. Anger and Death Magnetic. Then I heard the record was gonna be a double-album, and I became a bit concerned. Especially after looking at some of the other song titles on the record (“ManUNkind”, effin’ seriously?). I’ve been a Metallica fan ever since I was literally five years old, and they were probably the first band that I ever was really into. I actually remember pretty vividly the first time I heard “One”, probably the first time I really heard heavy music. And I was like, “yeah I’ll have some more of that, please.” 

So yeah, this group’s discography is pretty much carved into the neural pathways of my brain. So this morning, when I saw that a new track called “Moth Into Flame” had dropped, I jumped on it immediately and gave it a listen. And I gotta say, this is pretty damn good. Whereas the previously released track was pretty straightforward thrash metal, satisfying but not having much to it, this is a little more substantial. It still has the quick pace all the riffs chugging along that one would expect from Metallica, but there’s a pretty strong core to this, with an uncharacteristically melodic chorus for the band. In fact, there seems to be more influences form modern bands in this, especially from some of the more melodic metalcore bands like Trivium, many of which take direct cues from old-school Metallica. It’s weird how the bands that were originally inspired by Metallica are now influencing the very same band they were inspired by. A sort of musical influence Mobius strip seems to be at play in this song. 

The track just under six minutes long, but unlike Death Magnetic, there’s not a whole lot of fat to be trimmed off of this. It doesn’t really feel like six minutes, which in and of itself is a marked improvement over the band’s last two records. I was even impressed with some of Lars’ quick double kick work, something which  (although I’m tempted to say there might be some Pro-Tools pocketing going on, but with a lack of evidence for that, I won’t go there). This has definitely got me more excited for the new record than I was previously was, and now, instead approaching it with genuine enthusiasm instead of the cautious curiosity that I originally had.

Hardwired… To Self- Destruct comes out on November 18th, via Blackened Recordings



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