Track Review: Creeper- Suzanne

I’ve talked about these guys before, but seeing as they’ve just released the first single from their upcoming debut album, I feel like now is the perfect time to take a look at Creeper, this little UK punk band that in the past few months have become probably my favorite new band from the past few years. Even in the group’s infancy, they have the strut of an arena-ready band, and, if they play their cards right, they could end up in said arenas within the next few years. They just have that sense of bigness. So far this year, they’ve released an EP called The Stranger, one of my favorite releases of 2016 so far, which took their sound from the pop-punk of their first two EPs to a more theatrical but still fast paced sound, with some of the biggest choruses I’ve heard in awhile. 

But then their social media went dark. And they started posting links to paranormal SoundCloud podcasts and supposed “police documents”, and this narrative of the disappearance of an amateur paranormal started to surface, but utilizing imagery familiar to fans, such as two characters, the Stranger and the Callous Heart gang, both of which were titles of the group’s last two EPs. A countdown then started on their Twitter that ended on October 2nd with the release of this new song. There’s a pretty in-depth concept going on here, and for the band’s first album, Eternity, In Your Arms, this is pretty damn ambitious.

I’m here to talk about this new song, released at the end of the countdown. And it’s freakin’ rad as one would expect by now. It’s the tried and true Misfits-meets-70’s Glam approach that the band embraced on The Stranger, but on a much larger scale than before. Creeper fit a lot into two and a half minutes, never falling into that all-too familiar mid-tempo doldrum that a lot of pop-punk bands tend to get stuck in. This is constantly moving, not staying with one feel for too long. That’s not to say the track is schizophrenically structured, the rhythmic change up are earned with the momentum built by the preceding section. Singer Will Gould goes into his hyper-dramatic deeper bellow on the chorus to contrast the higher timbered vocals of the verses. And what a chorus, though, it’s yuge. It’s the type of chorus U2 would have killed to have written at their peak (and for once I’m actually favorably comparing something to U2). If Creeper can surpass the high quality of their previously released EPs on this upcoming record, I think we’ll have a definite album of the year contender come March 2017.



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